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Hattie Carnegie Quotes


     Dedicated to one of the most popular fashion editors of the 20's, 30's, and 40's!


About Lucille

"Lucille is my pride and Joy."

"Lucille, You are aggravating my ulcer."

"Lucille Honey, When opportunity knocks you must open that door."-1932

About Hollywood

"I will never understand Hollywood, I've given up. I am not mentioning any names, but I already made three wedding dresses and two sets of widow weeds for this one customer of mine"-1945



About her Husband Major John Zanft

" My American soldier, At first had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. He is my true hero."

"John is the love of my life, My first and only love. The day we got married was the happiest day of my life."



About Corsets

"It's no wonder that thing died!!!! They call it a CORSET but a MORE FITTING NAME WOULD BE CASKET, because if you wear something like that you will wish you were dead!"

Hattie to her secretary, Regarding the corset......



On Fashion

"Fads aren't fashion. There is a difference, Fashion never outdates itself."

"I would much rather see someone wear clothes that are considered too young for them then to have them dress like an old lady."

"Be certain to NEVER look tacky."

"As designers, we have come to rely too much on European fashion. American designers have and do create beautiful clothes, we must have faith in ourselves."



On the Halocaust
"It's so sad, the world is filled with such hate and prejudice. It breaks my heart. I lost so many people that I loved just because they were Jewish." 1946

"My great sorrow is for those loved ones back in my native Austria." 1942



On her American Citizenship.

"Over 40 years ago, My parents decided to bring us to America for a better life. I was determined to make them proud."

"Our freedoms are so important, It's only been seven years since we were permitted to vote." 1927



On her Business Hattie Carnegie Inc.

"I don't think, I will ever actually climb to the top of the ladder, as I am always adding more rungs."-1942

"I will keep my fashion business going if I have to put every last penny I make back into it.:"- 1942

 More on Lucille



"Lucille, You are so beautiful, so intelligent, so very talented. Why do you have to be so full of hell."

"Lucille, NO ARGUEMENT'S! I'm taking you to the doctors NOW!!!!!!!"
Hooray for Hattie......

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