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Hattie Carnegie's Leaf Brooch


Thank you, Shoshana!


About Me Page-Creator of This Website


Amy Sue Johnson-Wiggin


Christmas of 2015-

My Husband, Brian and I,  with our Niece, Rachel: aged 14, and our Nephew, Zachary: aged 16.



Brian and I, with Fergus.


Our 15th Wedding Anniversary-July 25, 2013.







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My name is Amy Wiggin, and I have had Hattie-Carnegie.Info published via the internet since October of 2003! I am so proud to of had the opportunity to share my hard work and research of Hattie Carnegie, visited and appreciated by so many of you! And while those of you who frequent my site are still learning new and exciting wonderful things about Hattie; I thought it was about time I introduce myself more formally to you!

I was born October 7th 1972. I am married to the love of my life, Brian Wiggin. We were wed on July 25th. 1998 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire We are both have cerebral palsy, however our disabilities do not hinder our passion for life itself.

I work as an accounts payable assistant with a durable medical equipment company

By the way, I also love Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz too.

 A special thank you to the relatives, friends and former employees of Hattie Carnegie for assisting with much of the informaton and many personal photographs.


Our Beloved Assistance Dog From Paws With a Cause-Wayland, Michigan 






Brian's Favorite

Fergus opening the back door



My Personal Favorite



 Daddy and Fergus at Shop n Shop in Manchester, New Hampshire Mommy is in the background -2011









Brian and I with Jenna and Barbara Bush- New Hampshire Primary Day February 1, 2000

The Bush Twins were at our Voting Location-Manchester, NH

They were VERY NICE Girls!








Mommy, Daddy and Fergus on New Hampshire Primary Day. 2012














Brian and I- Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary Photograph- Summer 2008

Yes, I am wearing a Hattie-Carnegie Original.






My Mom, Gail Sturtevant-Duncan and I on my FIRST day of School.

September of 1978-Mitchell School in Kittery Point, Maine.

I was ALMOST six yearx old.







My Dad, Gary Johnson, (Swede) let me drive.

Story Land, Glen, New Hampshire.


Summer of 1976.  I was ALMOST four years old.




My Step-Dad, Neil: My Mom: Gail, with Brian and I

Christmas Day: 1997



My Dad, Gary Johnson (Swede): My Step-Mom, Margie: with Brian and I

Summer of 2010




Brian's Parents: Tom and Rita




Two of my Closest Friends Ever, who I have remained friends with all these years.


Manami Kondo-Shimakawa and Jamieson (Jamie) Bratt.


Summer of 1997



Our Parakeet (Budgie) Yankee Doodle-Adopted on the Fourth of July, 1996. Thank you, Mom!




Yankee Doodle Johnson -Wiggin  Rest in Peace!

We will always love you!

July 4th 1996-November 7th 2009


Another beloved pet who passed over Rainbow Bridge on July 11th 2011-We love you too Miss Cousteau. She was an

ALBINO CLAWED FROG! She was climbing the volcano in her tank.








Our New Baby Adopted on November 9th 2009- His name is Beetle Bailey, because he is USA Army Green.

He also divebombs off his perches. That makes me a scared Mommy.

His nicknames are B.B. or Mr. Green Jean

and Our Baby Desiree, she looks white, but she is a pale yellow in the sunlight Adopted July 16th 2011

Sadly, PVT, Beetle Bailey, died in the Summer of 2014,

Our New Baby Tweets, are named for Hattie's parents, well, Yes and No.

Henna, our Albino, Parakeet/Budgie, was ACTUALLY named Henna, BEFORE we adopted her.

It's ironic, that she has the same name, as Hattie's Mother- this was not planned.



...................and our Lutino Parakeet/Budgie, Isaac.




Miss Desiree-Named in Honor of Desi Arnaz.



  St. Patrick's Day- I was so very excited about St. Patty's day. I just got a vintage 1940's Hattie Carnegie off of eBay. Waited till today to wear it to work.....because of the color and the holiday. Needless to say, I awoke with the worst migraine, I have had in a while, but I was determined to go to work, so I took some Aleve, and I got ...all dressed up. My personal care attendant, Gail helped me to get ready, and took my photo.
I turned white as a ghost about a half an hour before my bus came to pick me up to transport me to work, and I got deathy nauseous, and very sick, called in sick to work, because paperwork would have been next to impossiible, cancelled my transport, got in my jammies, and spent the day in bed......so disappointed.
Here is my photo, and I managed a smile anyhow.






My Personal Hattie Carnegie Collection













http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbMPd3BXLgQ                               outfit                     

The model in that video to the left is wearing my Hattie Carnegie Outfit. Please click the link.



I just received the most wonderful gift today.

Shoshana, (Hattie Carnegie's great niece.)
sent me, Auntie Hattie's jewelry case.
I received it today, TOTAL SURPRISE!
She phoned me this morning to see, if I received this treasured gift. I am happy that she did, so I could thank her on the phone, as opposed to just the computer.

It even has Hattie's initials on the case
H. C. Z. Hattie Carnegie Zanft.
Due to the initials, must have been a gift.
She married Major John Zanft in 1928, so it can be dated that way.
It was her personally owned case BECAUSE she ONLY went by the name Hattie Zanft, in her PERSONAL life, NEVER utilized the name ZANFT professionally, so the "Z" would have NEVER been placed on anything sold by her company.
The case is worn due to age, but must have been quite nice when it was new because it has leather straps on the inside and it still has a strong smell of one of Hattie's perfumes, which one, I don't know.

Shoshana told me, just to be careful to never lock the case, because we don't know the combination, her husband was able to open it, but it took him forever.

I plan to store my Hattie Carnegie jewelry collection in it though, and other important pieces of jewelry, like the opal frog, that my beloved step dad, Neil, gave to me.



Love Always,






 Here it is.........Hattie's Jewelry Case-April 1, 1951-Courtsey of Vogue Magazine



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